Company Satchok is an energetic circus troupe, founded on the joy of collectiveness and the thrill of a challenge.

We are three artist, Galatée (FR), Camiel (NL)  and Marius (DE), coming together with two different circus disciplines.  We graduated from the Dutch Circus and Performance Art Academies, ACaPA in Tilburg (Galatée, Marius: 2012) and Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam (Camiel: 2015).

In our shows we perform partner acrobatics (Banquine, Three-man-high and Hand to Hand), aerial straps, theatrical attitudes, a little bit of climbing and a lot of running around. In short; a highly skilled and energetic, contemporary circus experience.

Satchok: [ RUS: “someone who is avoiding his work”] [ FR: “ça te choc” – “it shocks you”]

Next to our job we are three different persons all interested in art.



Sisyphus – personifying the absurdity of human life
The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a
man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy!
Albert Camus

Inspired by the ancient myth Sisyphus, Company Satchok have created a wonderful piece of pure artistic and humour.
Sharing the ideology that the process is just as (or more) fulfilling than the result. It is about the pure joy and the fun of doing! Company Satchok tries to make seemingly impossible things possible. Based on trial and error and pure concentration, they explore the mutual trust.

The 3 artists present their skills up to the limit of human capacity: banquine, hand to hand, aerial straps and partner acrobatics.
Company Satchok challenges each other, but always with the fun of doing and the respect for one another.
The Sisyphus myth as a positive example of human being and the question of the meaning of life. Relaxed and amusingly presented.

Or as Hannah Arendt put it in words:
Action is the only activity in which man in the actual sense can become what he is.